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A Holistic Model-based Adaptive Case Management Approach for Healthcare

Last modified Aug 12, 2018
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In recent years, personalized connected care has become increasingly important due to the generally aging population
and the rising cost pressures in the healthcare sector. Nevertheless, to the best of our knowledge, there are no offthe-
shelf solutions available to provide open and adaptable information and communication technology (ICT) for connected
care; the reasons for this may differ between use cases. Based on our case studies at hospitals in different European countries, we identified three main challenges of such for ICT solution: 1) the high diversity between hospital sites and treatments, 2) the embedding of information from existing information systems, and 3) the coordination and communication of the many different stakeholders. Our approach is to use a full stack modelbased solution that supports the integration, communication, and coordination of the pending work. Currently, our solution is being used for clinical trials.

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