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Agile Project Management Tool Survey

Last modified Nov 5, 2014

The modern workplace in postindustrial economies is characterized by teamwork and complex projects/tasks. Agile management is becoming more and more popular in practice. Several different methods and tools  (e.g. SCRUM, Kanban, Trello, etc.) emerged to promote agile management.

The goal of this BSc/MSc thesis is to review the current state-of-the-art in the area of agile management tool support in literature and practice (e.g. software support). The student will learn how to find, evaluate and structure information in a systematic way. In addition, the student will learn more about the foundations of group decision research.

Relevant domains

Agile management, social software, gamification

Learning objectives for the student

  • Familiarize herself/himself with the area of group decision making
  • Learn how to find, evaluate and structure different kinds of information
  • Learn how to conduct literature research and review systematically
  • Learn how to use citation software efficiently

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