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Towards Computer-aided Analysis of Readability and Comprehensibility of Patient Information in the Context of Clinical Research Projects

Last modified Oct 11, 2019
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The readability and comprehensibility of patient information in clinical trials is lacking, which leads to patients not being able to fully understand the consequences of the trial.
A patient can only be ethically and legally included in the trial if they completely understand the implications of their consent.
To create better understandable patient information, a set of tools is implemented that automatically checks the readability and comprehensibility to encourage the creator of the documents to write more understandable information material by giving explicit suggestions on how to improve the quality.
We implement several components, each dedicated to detect violations of guidelines for achieving better readability.
By evaluating these components against an annotated corpus of 51 patient information, we identify several challenges to achieve a high precision system for the automatic assessment of readability and comprehensibility.


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