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EAM for the German Public Sector

Last modified Jan 21, 2016


The public sectior yield special challenges for the design and establishment of an EA management function. The federated structure of the German public sector on the one hand yields potential for standardization and homogenization, while at the same time there is a rising demand for flexibility to adapt to changing legal regulations. On the other hand the autonomy of the different public authorities challenges the enterprise architects to convice each single authority to support the EA management endeavor.

In a past project (project ended sucessfully on Apr. 2010), facilitating this marketing task by appropriate visualizations was central task. Therefore, an appropriate structure of an envisioned target state should be developed.

In the current project (since Dec. 2010), the challenge is to figure out a model to describe services employing a hybrid-wiki system. Thereby, a service is a collection of requirements that is used to align business and IT.



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