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Fi13 - Foundations for the Integration of Enterprise Wikis and Specialized Tools for Enterprise Architecture Management

Last modified Feb 28, 2013


Organizations are challenged with rapidly changing business requirements and an ever-increasing volume of information. Enterprise Architecture (EA) and its respective management function are considered as means to overcome these challenges. Appropriate tool support in this sense is an elementary success factor to guide the EA management (EAM) initiative. Nevertheless, practitioners perceive currently available tools specialized for EAM as not sufficient in their organizations. Major reasons are inflexible data models as well as missing integration with processes and their focus on expert users. Regarding these limitations Enterprise Wikis provide practice proven solutions already implemented in organizations. These Enterprise Wikis extend the capabilities of existing EA tools with unstructured information and leverage a better utilization of structured EA information. In this paper we present the foundations for the integration of specialized EAM tools and Enterprise Wikis. We elaborate scenarios for both tool species using a practitioner survey and differentiate four integration categories. 

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