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Re14a - Application of a Domain-Specific Language to Support the User-Oriented Definition of Visualizations in the Context of Collaborative Product Development

Last modified Apr 2, 2014


In the domain of Enterprise Architecture Management (EAM), multiple stakeholders with different responsibilities and backgrounds have to collaborate to achieve different predefined enterprise-related goals. To enable the definition of stakeholder-specific views onto the overall Enterprise Architecture (EA), we developed and prototypically implemented a domain-specific language (DSL) for defining model-based metrics and visualizations as management decision support in a commercial EAM tool. Since the domain of Collaborative Product Development (CPD) seemed to be similar to EAM with respect to the involvement of a diversity of stakeholders and the need for collaboration, we applied our prototype in the CPD domain by implementing an automated project status analysis and visualization called SmartNet Navigator as part of the EU research project SmartNets. However, since we faced several limitations and shortcomings (e.g., missing type checking and insufficient DSL syntax) during the evaluation of our prototype in the field of EAM, we redesigned the DSL and improved the prototype to solve the problems. This paper firstly provides an overview of the problems and improvements of our solution. Afterwards we present the application of our improved prototype in the domain of CPD by reimplementing the SmartNet Navigator and compare it to its initial prototype. Finally, we discuss possible benefits by the application of the improved DSL in the field of CPD and outline the need of further evaluation with experts from the SmartNet project according to the design science research method.