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Ha15a - Empowering End-Users to Collaboratively Structure Processes for Knowledge Work

Last modified Jun 25, 2015


Knowledge work is becoming the predominant type of work in many countries and is involved in the most important processes in organizations. Despite its increasing importance business information systems still lack appropriate support for knowledge-intensive processes, since existing workflow management solutions are too rigid and provide no means to deal with unpredictable situations. Future business information systems that attempt to improve this support need to solve the problem of facilitating non-expert users to structure their processes. The recently published Case Management Model and Notation (CMMN) might overwhelm non-expert users. Our research hypotheses is that end-users can be empowered to structure processes for knowledge work. In an evaluation with two student teams working on a software development project our solution improved the information structure, reproducibility, prgress visualization, work allocation and guidance without losing the flexibility compared to a leading agile project management tool.