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Guided Research Erdisa Subashi

Last modified Nov 5, 2014

On the computation of Enterprise Architecture Managemnet KPIs - essential operators and Ecore supporting languages



Enterprise Architecture Management (EAM) strives for aligning business and IT, facilitating stakeholder communication, and fostering the continuous transformation of organizations. As in any other management discipline, EAM applies the concept of metrics, which allows for the measurement of the actual goal fulfillment. Furthermore, distinct tools support architects in efficiently gathering, processing, and disseminating information related to the current and future state of the enterprise architecture. However, given that the existing panoply of current EAM tools only offers a limited metric support, we intend to extend our java-based EAM research software with this capability. As a starting point, we first elaborate on a set of operators a language employed for the implementation of EAM metrics has to provide. We afterwards point out which of these operators are inherently included in languages simultaneously supporting Ecore as the meta-model of the Eclipse Modeling Framework (EMF). We choose this well-known and open source framework for our studies, since our EAM research software is already able to export Ecore models. Lastly, we demonstrate how one specific EAM metric can be implemented in the examined languages. The gained findings will serve as an input for the future extension of our research tool with KPI functionalities.

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