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Last modified Mar 20, 2017

Knowledge work is becoming increasingly important

  • Becoming more important due to automation and outsourcing of simple jobs
  • More than half of the processes in organizations of highly developed countries
  • Productivity is the biggest management challenge of the 21st century
  • Missing software support due to unpredictable characteristic

Research objective: Develop a solutionthatallows non-expertsto structure and execute KiPs.


Framework describing constituents of KiPs


Proposed structuring elements on a wiki page

In the Darwin approach wiki pages consist of rich-text for unstructured data as well as additional concepts that add more structure. These additional concepts enable the collaborative structuring and instantiation of knowledge-intensive processes for endusers which are referred to as work plans. The main structuring concepts for wiki pages are shown in the following Figure:

For more information please donwlodad the this poster.