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Mo11 - Supporting enterprise performance management with organization-specific indicators

Last modified May 28, 2014


The high complexity of the enterprise architecture (EA) management calls for decision support by organization-specific indicators for performance measurement. Many EA management frameworks and approaches were presented in last few years to support enterprise architects with the development of their EA management. Some of these approaches became well-accepted and defacto-standards in this field over the years. Nevertheless, enterprise architects still lack decision support by relevant KPIs for performance measurement in these frameworks. In this article, we outline the research questions arising, when organization-specific KPIs for concrete EA management goals are to be defined. We further sketch a possible solution for this problem as firstly outlining a development of a practice-proven KPI catalog for the measurement of EA management goals. Secondly, a so-called performance indicator definition language (PIDL), representing practice-proven computations, is introduced and concrete performance indicator definitions (PIDs) are derived from the developed KPI collection. These PIDs are then finally integrated with the building blocks for enterprise architecture management solutions approach of Buckl et al. to support the definition of organization-specific performance measurement.

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