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Bu11f - A meta-language for enterprise architecture analysis

Last modified Feb 7, 2014


Enterprise Architecture (EA) management is a commonly accepted instrument to support strategic decision making. The objective of EA management is to improve business IT alignment by making the impact of planned changes explicit. The increasing interconnectivity of applications with other applications and with business processes however makes it dicult to get a complete view on change impacts and dependency structures. This information is nevertheless required to support decision makers. Current meta-languages proposed for the context of EA management provide only limited support for modelling qualitative and quantitative dependencies.
In this paper we propose a meta-language, which builds on the Meta Object Facility (MOF). This meta-language specically accounts for the requirements of EA analysis. We discuss existing meta-languages from the eld of EA management and related areas against these requirements. Building on the standard of the OMG, we present an extension of MOF designed to support EA analysis. The theoretic exposition of the extension is complemented by an example illustrating the applicability of the presented meta-language.

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