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Bu10s - Data Model Driven Implementation of Web Cooperation Systems with...

Article in Sebis Public Website     enterprise 2.0 mdd global software engineering data modeling web 2.0 publication article web framework e2.0 web application 2010 inproceedings software architecture domain specific language tricia

the right of the text 2010,article,data modeling,domain specific language,e2.0,enterprise 2.0,global application,web framework Article Address Frankfurt am Main, Germany Year 2010 BibTeX-Key in Diss BMN09 Article Abstract We present the data modeling concepts of Tricia, an opensource Java platform used software engineering,inproceedings,mdd,publication,software architecture,tricia,web 2.0,web Databases (ICOODB), Frankfurt am Main, 2010. Title Data Model Driven Implementation of Web Cooperation