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Paper on Ontology-based Approach for Software Architecture Recommendations accepted to the 23rd Americas Conference on Information Systems (AMCIS 2017)

Text Page in Sebis Research News     cross-domain ontology recommendations software architecture

Short paper on automatic uncertainty detection in software architecture documentation accepted

Text Page in Sebis Research News     nlp software architecture uncertainty detection

Two papers from sebis at International Conference on Software Architecture 2018

Text Page in Sebis Research News     recommendation system decision making bias software architecture

Bu10s - Data Model Driven Implementation of Web Cooperation Systems with...

Article in Sebis Public Website     enterprise 2.0 mdd global software engineering data modeling web 2.0 publication article web framework e2.0 web application 2010 inproceedings software architecture domain specific language tricia

Paper titled Automatic extraction of design decisions from issue management systems - a machine learning based approach accepted at the ECSA 2017

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