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Article published in is report

Text Page in Sebis Research News     article publication business object management

in is report Not template related Hide Hide Hide article,business object management,publication Text Page /Sebis Research News/_ Text Page The first part of the article "Die nächste Generation von Unternehmenmodellen? Management . The second part will be published in the december edition. /Sebis Research News/_/Article published

Fostering Collaborative and Integrated Enterprise Architecture Modeling

Publication in Sebis Public Website     emisa article 2012 publication

to the right of the text Show to the right of the text 2012,article,emisa,publication Publication Publication Abstract Enterprise Architecture Management (EAM) is a challenging task in modern article, we describe how Hybrid Wikis empower these information carriers and enterprise architects to publication Journal language English File 130322 EMISA81.pdf Citation Key [MNS13] Published in Journal of

Ma12c - Facilitating Structuring of Information for Business Users with...

Article in Sebis Public Website  last modified Mar 1, 2013 by Christian Neubert.    article publication

text article,publication Article Year 2012 Research project Hybrid Wikis Title Facilitating Article Abstract The exibility and general applicability of wikis make them a valuable tool for

MaLe02a - Persönliche Informations- und Wissensportale als dualer Ansatz...

Article in Sebis Public Website     article 2002 publication

the right of the text 2002,article,publication Article Year 2002 Title Persönliche Informations Article Abstract Wir betrachten persönliches Wissen, private Informationen und persönliche

MNS12a - Project Management Metrics in the Age of Global Software Engineering

Article in Sebis Public Website     article publication

right of the text article,publication Article Year 2012 File GSEMetricsKeynoteMetriKon2012.pdf Article Abstract Globalization has long since found its way into software engineering. Companies

Ma11b - Enabling Knowledge Workers to Collaboratively Add Structure to...

Article in Sebis Public Website  last modified Mar 6, 2013 by Christian Neubert.    enterprise 2.0 wikis article social software knowledge management systems structuring of content publication semantic web

text article,enterprise 2.0,knowledge management systems,publication,semantic web,social software Article Abstract Varied fields of application, fast access to often needed information, easy ,structuring of content,wikis Article Citation Matthes F.; Neubert C. : Enabling Knowledge Workers to

LMS03 - Weblogs als ein innovatives Instrument des betrieblichen...

Article in Sebis Public Website     article 2003 publication

Show to the right of the text 2003,article,publication Article Key LMS03 Year 2003 File 030131-LMS Article Abstract Dieser Artikel beschreibt einen Ansatz, um Weblogs als ein neues Instrument für

RMSS03 - Erschließung heterogener Wissensquellen durch eine digitale...

Article in Sebis Public Website     article 2003 publication

2003,article,publication Article Key RMSS03 File 2003-04-RMSS-Digitale Bibliothek.pdf Citation Renz Article Abstract Die Erschließung heterogener Wissensquellen und unstrukturierter Information

Bu09l - Using Enterprise Architecture Management Patterns to complement...

Article in Sebis Public Website     2009 eam article eam pattern inproceedings publication

of the text 2009,article,eam,eam pattern,inproceedings,publication Article Authors Dr. Sabine Article Abstract The design of an Enterprise Architecture (EA) management function for an , neglecting enterprise-specific EA related concerns. In this article, we discuss the architecture framework development method (ADM). This article shows how the generic development steps can be complemented by

Wi09b - Patterns in der Wirtschaftsinformatik

Article in Sebis Public Website     2009 article publication

,article,publication Article File Patterns in der Wirtschaftsinformatik.pdf Authors Winter R. vom Brocke Article /Sebis Public Website/_/Wi09b - Patterns in der Wirtschaftsinformatik Not template related

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