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Bu09i - A Pattern-based Approach to Quantitative Enterprise Architecture...

Article in Sebis Public Website     dependency modeling 2009 eam article quantitative analysis modeling ea management eam pattern inproceedings probabilistic relational models ea analysis publication

to the right of the text 2009,article,dependency modeling,ea analysis,ea management,eam,eam pattern ,inproceedings,modeling,probabilistic relational models,publication,quantitative analysis Article augmenting an information model for EA modeling with concepts from Probabilistic Relational Models, thus Goldes (Buckl) Dr. Christian M. Schweda Year 2009 Key Bu09i Research project EAM Pattern Catalog V1 Conference on Information Systems (AMCIS), San Francisco, USA, paper 318, 2009. Published in 15th

Bu09g - Constructing an Information Model for Application Landscape...

Article in Sebis Public Website  last modified Apr 3, 2012 by Sabine Goldes (Buckl).    2009 eam article modeling inproceedings publication

,inproceedings,modeling,publication Article Authors Dr. Sabine Goldes (Buckl) Dr. Alexander M. Ernst Prof. Dr ed requirements via modeling techniques from nearby disciplines. /Sebis Public Website/_/Bu09g of the text Show to the right of the text Show to the right of the text 2009,article,eam Netherlands, p. 55-60, 2009. Key Bu09g Year 2009 Published in 21st International Conference on

Bu09f - A Wiki-based Approach to Enterprise Architecture Documentation...

Article in Sebis Public Website     enterprise 2.0 information modeling 2009 wikis eam article modeling e2.0 inproceedings enterprise architecture web 2.0 publication

,enterprise 2.0,enterprise architecture,information modeling,inproceedings,modeling,publication,web 2 right of the text Show to the right of the text Show to the right of the text 2009,article,e2.0,eam , Italy, p. 1476-1487, 2009. Research project Wiki4EAM - Wikis for collaborative Enterprise Architecture Management Year 2009 Key Bu09f /Sebis Public Website/_

Bu09o - Towards a Language for Enterprise Architecture Documentation and...

Article in Sebis Public Website     2009 eam article unpublished modeling publication

the text Show to the right of the text Show to the right of the text 2009,article,eam,modeling ,publication,unpublished Article Key Bu09o Published in The 4th International Workshop on Vocabularies Enterprise (VORTE 2009), Auckland, New Zealand, 2009. File Bu09o.pdf Year 2009 Address Auckland, New Zealand

Bu09e - An Information Model Capturing the Managed Evolution of...

Article in Sebis Public Website     2009 project portfolio management eam article modeling inproceedings temporal modeling enterprise architecture management publication

the text 2009,article,eam,enterprise architecture management,inproceedings,modeling,project portfolio management,publication,temporal modeling Article Citation Buckl, S.; Ernst, A.; Matthes, F addressing the identi ed requirements by taking related modeling techniques from nearby disciplines into , Amsterdam, The Netherlands, p. 85-99, 2009. Key Bu09e File Bu09e.pdf Authors Dr. Sabine Goldes (Buckl) Dr Managed Evolution of Application Landscapes Address Amsterdam, The Netherlands Year 2009 /Sebis Public Website/_

Bu09d - An Information Model for Managed Application Landscape Evolution

Journal in Sebis Public Website     journal management tools traceability temporality 2009 historization eam enterprise architecture managemen article modeling publication

architecture managemen,historization,journal,management tools,modeling,publication,temporality text Show to the right of the text Show to the right of the text 2009,article,eam,enterprise 2009 Authors Dr. Sabine Goldes (Buckl) Dr. Alexander M. Ernst Dr. Christian M. Schweda Citation Buckl Landscape Evolution. In: Journal of Enterprise Architecture (JEA), p. 12-26, 2009. Published in Journal of