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Advanced Seminar

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Course Content and goals In this seminar, the latest research results and current projects of our Seminar Not template related Show above the text Hide Hide advanced seminar,course,oberseminar ,sebis,seminar,software engineering,teaching Course Time 12:15 - 14:00 SWS 2 Module No. - ECTS 0 presentations The participation at the advanced seminar is obligatory for all students registered for a Winter & Summer Contact (organization) Oleksandra Klymenko Language English Room 01.10.011 Type Seminar

Modellierung, Simulation und Steuerung adaptiver soziotechnischer Systeme

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Show to the right of the text Show to the right of the text course,seminar,teaching Course Language Course Betreuer: Sabine Buckl; Christian M. Schweda Ort und Zeit: Raum: MI 01.12.035 Zeit: 12:15 erläutert werden. In diesem Zusammenhang geht das Seminar von allgemeinen modelltheoretischen Betrachtung Rhythm On demand Time Type Seminar Room Module No. IN0014 IN2107 IN8901 Contact (organization) /Sebis Public Website/_


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Course Level Bachelor Type Seminar Room Exam Written Language Deutsch Rhythm On demand Maximum number Course Ort & Zeit: Am 16.5.2011: 16:15 bis 17:45 im Raum MI 01.10.011 ansonsten: Montags von 17:45 /_/Proseminar Not template related Show to the right of the text Show below the text Hide 2011,course,it ,kennzahlen,key perfomance indicator,kpi,metriken,proseminar,seminar,softwaremetriken,teaching

Entrepreneurship for small software-oriented enterprises (Gründung und Führung kleiner softwareorientierter Unternehmen)

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Course Place and Time: Block seminar, dates and location see below Exam: Final presentation in a course,gfsu,gründung,lehrveranstaltung,seminar,teaching Course Acronym GFSU Module No. IN9006 Exam -up How can a good business idea become a successful company? The seminar shows aspiring graduates " Content and seminar procedure The event is divided into two parts: Within the theory block Presentation of the content and the course of the event as well as the exam Team building (~ 4 people per