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Uludağ at the EDOC 2017 Conference in Québec City, Canada

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Hide conference,edoc,presentation,research Text Page /Sebis Research News/_ Text Page Our first research paper on the topic of Scaled Agile IT Organizations and Enterprise Computing Conference. The conference took place from October 10th to October 13th in Québec City, Canada help of a structured literature review. On the second day of the conference, a banquet dinner took Frontenac Picture on the presentation of the paper results at the EDOC conference Picture from the

Paper titled Investigating the Role of Architects in Scaling Agile Frameworks by Ömer Uludag, Martin Kleehaus, Xian Xu, and Florian Matthes accepted at EDOC 2017

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conference,research,scaled agile it organization Text Page /Sebis Research News/_ on the role of architects in scaling agile frameworks /Sebis Research News/_/Paper titled