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Master's Thesis von Markus Müller

Student Project in Sebis Public Website     legal tech thesaurus thesaurus extension data science word2vec information retrieval label propagation tax law machine learning

Student Project Label Propagation for Tax Law Thesaurus Extension Abstract With the rise of suitability of label propagation methods to extend a thesaurus from the tax law domain. The graph on . Keywords: Thesaurus Extension, Legal Tech, Information Retrieval, Label Propagation, Word Embeddings learning,tax law,thesaurus,thesaurus extension,word2vec Student Project Final presentation slides 181109 Mueller Label Propagation Thesaurus Extension MA Final.pdf Submission date 1541545200000

Application Project von A. Abdelaziz, O. Elbadrawi, A. Bachet

Student Project in Sebis Public Website     thesaurus word2vec label propagation tax law

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