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Use of the Goolge App Engine for Business Web Applications - Potentials...

Last modified Dec 3, 2013


Cloud computing is one of the hot new buzz-words that every IT aware person has heard about. Cloud computing promises many benefits and cost-savings to enterprises that host a lot of IT infrastructure today. Among the big players of today’s Cloud business are Amazon, Microsoft, Salesforce and now also Google, which entered the Cloud computing market in April 2009 with their App Engine and support for the Python language, followed shorty after with Java.

This thesis gives an overview about the facets of Cloud computing and focuses on a discussion of Google’s App Engine and its suitability for developing and hosting enterprise business applications that are integrated into business workflows or have been ported from existing intranet applications to run in the Cloud. The largest part of this work is dedicated to the description of advantages and disadvantages of developing an application with App Engine and the experiences of using theplatform to develop a Cloud based business application.
The thesis ends with a conclusion about the suitability of Google’s App Engine for enterprise business applications.

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