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Bachelorthesis Thomas Dierl

Last modified Oct 22, 2014


Compliance is getting more and more in the focus of large and medium-sized companies. Thereby, compliance originates from different sources such as laws, corporates, or technical sources. These constraints have a huge impact on the application landscapes of modern companies, as not only the current landscape but also future landscapes are affected. Thus issues of compliance have to be monitored and managed. Therefore, reports are required to compress the huge amount of information into usable pieces. For this purpose, visualizations are very useful to illustrate this information and make efficient communication between stakeholder possible. Furthermore, methodologies which apply guidance how to reach the target landscape have to be introduced.

This thesis was conducted in cooperation with a large German insurance company and addresses the topics of compliance management within the existing structures and methods established in a globally acting company. Based on the Enterprise Architecture Management Pattern Catalog (EAMPC) developed at the chair for Software Engineering for Business Information Systems (sebis) this work evaluated how the EAMPC could be used to support the establishment of a compliance management. The EAMPC contains best practices for EAM created out of the information gathered in 30 companies. Thereby, EAMPC defines not only visualizations but also information models, methodologies, which can been used.

This work showed how patterns already existing in the EAMPC can be used to establish a compliance management, and develop further patterns specialized on this topic. The  evelopment of these patterns was done using an evolutionary approach in which the appropriate stakeholders communicated their remarks for the models. This approach was used because of special requirements of the company and has the advantage that it allows an early first look into the possible future EA management. As a result of this work, the developed patterns, were integrated in the EAMPC in order to close the experienced lack of support regarding compliance management.

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