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Masterthesis Gregor Bender

Last modified Nov 11, 2014


The field of Enterprise Architecture is supporting an understanding of the enterprise’s architecture by modeling the business and IT domain. It is providing information about the fundamental organization of an enterprise from a multitude of viewpoints to a multitude of stakeholders. Stakeholders use viewpoints to address one or more concerns they have about a specific aspect of the enterprise’s architecture. EA researchers and standard bodies have acknowledged this by pointing out the interests and goals of stakeholder roles found in the EA context. This thesis aims to bring together the stakeholder descriptions found in EA literature and related fields (e.g. IT Governance, Service & Support Management…). In a field research, ten EA consultants of an international consultancy will be interviewed. The interview establishes the stakeholders in the area of EA. The areas of interest of different stakeholders, as well as strategies for stakeholder management are also researched. As a basis for integrating the stakeholders an adaption of the TOGAF Stakeholder Management is used. The resulting model consisting of EA stakeholders and areas of interest is then connected to the Enterprise Architecture Management Pattern Catalog. The resulting model allows for stakeholder specific design of a model of an enterprise’s architecture. In order to develop an Enterprise Architecture in an active manner, the management function Enterprise Architecture Management (EAM) has to be established. An approach is designed based on the collected information that points out the necessary steps as well as the most important stakeholders.

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