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Bachelorthesis Katharina Pflügler

Last modified Oct 22, 2014


In recent years, Enterprise Architecture (EA) management has emerged to one of the major challenges for enterprises. The increasing complexity of business transactions, the accelerated rate of change in business models, the growing regulatory framework and the increasing dependency on information technology demand a continuous alignment of business and information technology, which is the aim of EA management. Several EA management frameworks exist, however, they are often inapplicable in practice as they are either too extensive or too abstract. The EAM Pattern Catalog approach tries to address those deficiencies by providing different types of EAM Patterns which are based on best and proven practices.

Within the scope of this thesis, the EAM Pattern Catalog approach is applied for developing an EA management approach for a German insurance company. Thereby, additional Concerns are investigated and the EAM Pattern basis is extended accordingly with additional V- and IPatterns.

In a further step the set of identified and additionally developed I-Patterns is integrated to an organization-specific information model. The experience gained from these tasks forms the basis of an evaluation of the EAM Pattern Catalog approach.

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