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Bachelorthesis Alexander Schneider

Last modified Jun 25, 2018
Titel: Roadmaps for Enterprise Architecture Evolution
Aufgabensteller: Prof. Dr. Florian Matthes
Typ: Bachelorarbeit
Bearbeiter: Alexander Schneider
Betreuer: Alexander M. Ernst

EAM Pattern Catalog

Abgabedatum:  15.08.2009
Zusammenfassung: In this thesis the Enterprise Architecture Management (EAM) Pattern Catalog [Bu08] should be extended by roadmaps for enterprise architecture evolution in collaboration with a German reinsurance company. Based on their current approach, the requirements of their release and rollout management should be determined, together with the problems addressed by the approach. Enriched by knowledge from related disciplines, like e.g. project management, multiproject management, release management and the critical path method these requirements should be addressed by appropriate EAM Patterns [Er08a]. These EAM patterns should provide a proven-practice approach for a global release and rollout management. To prove the validity of the developed EAM patterns, they are tested with reasonable data from the reinsurance company.
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