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Paper on Investigating the Role of Architects in Scaling Agile Frameworks was presented by Ömer Uludağ at the EDOC 2017 Conference in Québec City, Canada

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Text Page Our first research paper on the topic of Scaled Agile IT Organizations and Enterprise Banquet Dinner in the Parliament Building of the Canadian Province of Québec /Sebis Research News Hide conference,edoc,presentation,research Text Page /Sebis Research News/_

Completed EAM projects

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Text Page $[embedSearch()$ {"presentation":{"type":"table","columnNames":["'Research areas "type":"Research Project"},{"hybridAttributeExists":"Status"},{"hybridAttributeValue":"Status ","textValue":"completed"},{"hybridAttributeExists":"Research area"},{"hybridAttributeValue":"Research area ","textValue":"Enterprise Architecture Management"}]}} $embedSearch]$ /Sebis Public Website/Research /Completed Research Projects/Completed EAM projects Not template related Hide Hide Hide archive,eam


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Text Page Current Research Areas and Research Projects Click on the links to learn more about the projects and research areas. Enterprise Architecture Management Agile EAM Application Portfolio Research Program German Legal Information Retrieval & Query Expansion with Word Embeddings Modeling architecture knowledge management Artificial Intelligence for Software Engineering Completed Research Theses /Sebis Public Website/Research Not template related Hide Hide Hide overview,projects,research

sebis Workshop am 25.09.2014

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der zentralen Workshop Seite. /Sebis Research News/_/sebis Workshop am 25.09.2014 Not template related Hide Show below the text Hide eam,industry partners,research,sebis,social software,workshop Text Page /Sebis Research News/_

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