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Bu09p - Classifying Enterprise Architecture Analysis Approaches

Article in Sebis Public Website     behavioral/structural analysis ea analysis, ex ante/ex post analysis 2009 eam article inproceedings analysis enterprise architecture management publication ea analysis classification

Show to the right of the text Show to the right of the text 2009,analysis,article,behavioral architecture management,inproceedings,publication Article Key Bu09p Published in The 2nd IFIP WG5.8 Article Abstract Enterprise architecture (EA) management forms a commonly accepted means to enhance Interoperability (IWEI'2009), Valencia, Spain, p. 66-79, 2009. Address Valencia, Spain Year 2009

Bu09e - An Information Model Capturing the Managed Evolution of...

Article in Sebis Public Website     2009 project portfolio management eam article modeling inproceedings temporal modeling enterprise architecture management publication

the text 2009,article,eam,enterprise architecture management,inproceedings,modeling,project portfolio management,publication,temporal modeling Article Citation Buckl, S.; Ernst, A.; Matthes, F Article Abstract Projects are the executors of organizational change and hence in charge of the , Amsterdam, The Netherlands, p. 85-99, 2009. Key Bu09e File Bu09e.pdf Authors Dr. Sabine Goldes (Buckl) Dr Managed Evolution of Application Landscapes Address Amsterdam, The Netherlands Year 2009 /Sebis Public Website/_