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Ma11c - Wiki4EAM - Using Hybrid Wikis for Enterprise Architecture...

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enterprises have to face. This task is often addressed via heavy-weight and expensive EAM tools to collect , structure, visualize and analyze architectural information. A major problem in EAM is the mismatch collaboration mechanisms provided by today's EAM tools. /Sebis Public Website/_/Ma11c - Wiki4EAM - Using to the right of the text Show to the right of the text 2011,e2.0,eam,hybrid,hybrid wiki,publication

Wiki4EAM - Wikis for collaborative Enterprise Architecture Management

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cooperatively pursue a different lightweight approach to EAM using Hybrid Wikis based on an existing Enterprise -practices to foster optimal utilization of Hybrid Wikis for EAM. The development results as well as platform extended with specific Hybrid Wiki support for EAM. They can also obtain support from sebis EAM knowledge and best-practices. Members benefit from many years of experience in EAM provided by research results in the field of EAM, social software, and software engineering. Regular community