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Guided Research Philipp Heinemann

Student Project in Sebis Public Website     guided research google wave google student project teaching completed thesis philipp heinemann

,guided research,philipp heinemann,student project,teaching,thesis Student Project Kick-off platforms like email, instant-messaging, or wikis. Google introduced Google Wave to solve the reveals the essential effort of interconnecting Google Wave to an Enterprise Content Management System the text Show to the right of the text Show to the right of the text completed,google,google wave presentation slides Status completed Supervisor Prof. Dr. Florian Matthes Title (en) How does Google Wave fit

Bachelor's Thesis Sebastian Wenninger

Student Project in Sebis Public Website     google student project gae teaching cloud computing 2011 multi-tenancy running thesis

computing,gae,google,multi-tenancy,running,student project,teaching,thesis Student Project Title auf Basis der Google Cloud Services Start Date 1305410400000 Type Bachelor's Thesis Thesis PDF BA.pdf /Sebis Public Website/_ Beispiel die Google App- Engine (GAE), die Entwickler Applikationen auf Google’s Infrastruktur ausführen -fähige eCommerce-Architektur mit Hilfe der Google App-Engine entwickelt, die über einen Webservice -Abschluss.pdf /Sebis Public Website/_/Bachelor's Thesis Sebastian Wenninger Not template related