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Ma11a - Hybrid Wikis - Empowering Users to Collaboratively Structure...

Article in Sebis Public Website  last modified Mar 1, 2013 by Christian Neubert.    enterprise 2.0 semantic wikis social software hybrid wikis hybrid wiki enterprise information management enterprise wikis e20 web 2.0 publication web collaboration article web2.0 e2.0 2011 inproceedings hybrid best paper wiki tricia

,wiki Article Research project Hybrid Wikis Year 2011 File Ma11a.pdf Published in 6th International enter. In this paper, we first introduce the concepts of hybrid wikis, namely attributes, type tags projects and persons and highlight key implementation aspects of a Java-based hybrid wiki system comparison with related work and an outlook on future work. /Sebis Public Website/_/Ma11a - Hybrid the text Show to the right of the text Show to the right of the text 2011,article,best paper,e2.0

Demonstation on HybridWikis4EAM at WikiSym 2011

Text Page in Sebis Research News     enterprise 2.0 wiki4eam presentation e2.0 hybrid wiki 2011 hybrid wiki tricia

HybridWikis4EAM at WikiSym 2011 Not template related Hide Hide Hide 2011,e2.0,enterprise 2.0,hybrid Text Page Christian Neubert demonstates Hybrid Wikis at 7th International Symposium on Wikis and Open Collaboration 2011 (WikiSym 2011), Mountain View, CA, USA. /Sebis Research News/_/Demonstation on ,hybrid wiki,presentation,tricia,wiki,wiki4eam Text Page /Sebis Research News/_