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SEBA Bachelor

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related Show above the text Hide Hide bachelor,course,lecture,seba,seba bachelor,teaching,ws1213 Course Course Neuigkeiten Aktuelle Ankündigungen für das Wintersemester 2019/2020 Am 5.12 entfällt die /analyse-und-design-uml-25/9783486716672. /Sebis Public Website/Teaching/SEBA Bachelor Not template . IN2085 Contact (organization) Sascha Nägele Acronym SEBA Bachelor Room Interims I Time Thursdays, 12:15-13:45 /Sebis Public Website/Teaching

SEBA Master - Web Application Engineering

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Show above the text Hide Hide course,lecture,lehre,master,master pflicht winfo,seba,seba master Course News General information about the presentations is updated below Guest lecture announced course. The others (FPSO 2008 WiSe 13) receive 5 ECTS, however with a reduced workload. Students in any other program with FPSO 2018 or newer receive 8 ECTS for this course. The others can choose students please write an email to Ingo Glaser until 2. May 2019 (Subject: "SEBA Master - 5 ECTS request