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Master's Thesis Robert Gleixner

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Student Project Integration von Kollaborationfunktionalität in CAD-Anwendungen Anhand von Use Cases soll herausgearbeitet werden, wie Werkzeuge im PLM/CAD- Umfeld durch kollaborative Elemente Kollaborationsfeatures im CAD-Bereich (SolidEdge von Siemens). Besonders Microservices sind geeignet für solcherlei Gleixner Not template related Show to the right of the text Show below the text Hide cad,master's thesis Social Software im PLM/CAD-Umfeld Copyright agreement - publication allowed Yes Submission date

Bachelor's Thesis Markus Müller

Student Project in Sebis Public Website     cad collaboration communication social software bachelorthesis bachelor bachelor's thesis bachelorarbeit thesis

Student Project Development of a Social Extension for Real-Time Communication in CAD Software messaging can be integrated into the CAD application Solid Edge and if users see a need for such literature review of tries of bringing chat into the workplace and interviewed 12 CAD users on how below the text Hide bachelor,bachelor's thesis,bachelorarbeit,bachelorthesis,cad,collaboration Echtzeitkommunikation in CAD Software Supervisor Prof. Dr. Florian Matthes Kick-off presentation slides