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Marta Infante Abreu

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Article on building block-based development of EA modeling languages...

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YouTube - IT Management with Enterprise Architecture

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EAM Pattern Catalog V1 (2008)

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Research Project Download EAM Pattern Catalog (2008) Currently, a new version of the EAM Pattern Catalog is compiled. For more details please refer to this page. The objective of the EAM Pattern EAM Pattern Catalog identifies the dependencies between individual management concerns (Which goal fragments are called EAM patterns: They describe possible solutions for recurring problems that can and may have to be adapted to a specific enterprise context. The EAM Pattern Catalog identifies best

Three Articles on EA Management accepted at Caise Forum 2010

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Bu09i - A Pattern-based Approach to Quantitative Enterprise Architecture...

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Master's Thesis Michael Schätzlein

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of EAM metrics and performance indicators, however the aspect of metric visualization is not sufficiently addressed. To close this gap, we develop a foundation for EAM metric visualizations in the metrics in the EAM domain. Furthermore, we discuss various strengths and weaknesses of the presented visualization types and additionally make suggestions on how specific EAM metrics should be visualized an EAM tool developed by our group. This tool supports the definition and life-cycle management of

Articles on EAM published in EAM practice book

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Text Page The invited articles EAM-Werkzeuge and Vergangenheit, Gegenwart und Zukunft von EAM were .Keuntje, S.Buckl, F.Matthes, C.M.Schweda) discusses on the different approaches taken by today's EAM past and present of the discipline of EAM, providing an overview on well-known approaches as well as towards topics possibly await in the discipline's near future. /Sebis Research News/_/Articles on EAM published in EAM practice book Not template related Hide Hide Hide eam,publication Text Page /Sebis Research News/_

Studentische Hilfskraft im Bereich EAM und Datenschutz gesucht

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Interviews im Bereich EAM und Datenschutz Textrecherchen für Forschungsarbeiten Unterstützung bei Entscheidungsträger aus dem EAM das Thema Datenschutz einschätzen. Bei Ihrem Beitrag zu Publikationen erhalten Sie Hintergrundwissen zu den Themen EAM und Datenschutz Bei Interesse senden Sie bitte Ihre Bewerbung mit EAM und Datenschutz gesucht Not template related Hide Show below the text Hide eam,hiwi,privacy,studentische hilfskraft Text Page /Sebis Public Website/_

EAMKON Conference on Enterprise Architecture Management, Stuttgart, Oct....

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