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EAM KPI Catalog

Last modified Oct 6

Short description

To enable enterprise architects to measure and track their goal achievements, this catalog provides 52 key performance indicators (KPIs) discovered and applied in industry projects or documented in relevant literature.

Download: EAM KPI Catalog v 1.0.pdf

Benefits of the catalog:

  • EA management goals: starting with your EA management goals identify relevant KPIs
  • KPI template: adapt the selected KPIs on your enterprise context using a structured template
  • Information model: determine which information is needed for the calculation of the selected KPIs
  • EA layers: determine which elements of your EA are covered by the selected KPIs
  • User’s guide: measure your EA management goals achievement pursuing a simple four-step approach


Containing practice proven KPIs and hints towards future research topics, this catalog targets at practitioners and academic audience.


How & where to get it?

To download your free copy of the EAM KPI Catalog please follow following three-step process:

  1. If you are already registered on our web site please continue with step 2, otherwise please register first.
  2. Apply for membership in the Group EAM KPI Catalog Group by simple clicking here.
  3. You can now download your personal copy of the EAM KPI catalog by clicking the download link in the hybrid area.



To evaluate the structure and to improve the quality of this catalog we are interested in further cooparations with industry partners in possibly different industry sectors.Our cource of action is presented bellow: