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FMS10 - IT Transformation in the Context of Mergers & Acquisitions -...

Last modified May 18, 2015


As today's information technology (IT) penetrates the business of almost any company, IT transformation of two enterprises during mergers and acquisitions (M&A) represents a challenging task. In particular, the nancial service industry inherently relies on IT, supporting their virtual and typically standardized products. The formerly highly fragmented German banking sector currently is and in the future will be subject to M&A activities. 

Despite the frequent occurrence of M&A, not much literature exists concerning empirically identi ed and validated concepts, models, and methods for IT transformation. These sources remain either theoretical by depicting analytical approaches not proven in real live, or the presented ideas are characterized by the description of one to three case studies, whose approach is transferable if a certain character of the mergers is assumed.

Based on existing literature in the eld of M&A, we conducted 15 explorative expert interviews with industry partners from the German banking industry between September and December 2009. The IT architects from banking companies, IT providers for nancial institutions, and consultants attending a bank merger revealed useful insights into possible challenges, solutions, and pitfalls during IT transformations. This report summarizes the key ndings of the semi-structured interviews. In addition, the ndings described are compared with approaches and statements made by existing M&A literature in the eld of business as well as IT.

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