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Report on Digital Mobility Platforms and Ecosystems published

A report entitled Digital Mobility Platforms and Ecosystems has been published. The authors of the TUM Living Lab Connected Mobility elaborate on how to support the digital transformation in the area of Smart Mobility and Smart City. The project bundles the relevant research, implementation, and innovation skills of the Technical University of Munich in the fields of informatic and transport research. The research project contributes to the design and implementation of open, provider-independent digital mobility platforms. The actual commercial implementation of these platforms is carried out by leading digital providers based on the market requirements of customer-oriented mobility solutions. Another significant achievement of the project is the networking of already established and currently arising mobility providers, service providers, developers and users on a personal, organizational and technical level. Thus, the project contributes to the establishment of a mobility ecosystem, which is necessary for the success of the mobility platform. Thereby, smaller companies and start-ups are enabled to develop their own digital mobility services with reduced financial, organizational and technical effort.