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Law and IT

The tools of informatics seem to be highly suited to dealing with issues that arise in the course of legal affairs: The legal system consists of and is confronted with large bodies of complex data that follow rational and objective principles (at least in an ideal world). As far as the legal system itself is concerned, one cannot help the impression that there is a hopeless amount of overregulation; a lot of times, an excessive number of legal norms seem to do nothing but create redundancies and inefficacies.

Informatics, on the other hand, is a science that promises to help solve this problem as it has brought about new insights on how to effectively organize und use complex data. Algorithms with excellent precision can perform tasks that involve a lot of data without much effort; in former times, comparable tasks could only be fulfilled by employing knowledgeable people for a long time.

If you have any questions about our current or completed research projects, feel free to contact one of our Lexalyze team members:

Bernhard WaltlJörg LandthalerElena Scepankova and Ingo Glaser.

Current Research Projects







Semantic Analysis and
and Structuring of Contracts

Semantic Analysis of
Legal Texts

Network Analysis of
Legal Documents

Decision Support by 
Formalized Legal Norms 

Smart Contracts &
Blockchain Technology

Software Aided
Analysis of
Terms of Services