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EAM Viewpoint Survey

Last modified Oct 6


The Enterprise Architecture Management Viewpoint Survey analyzes best practices and trends in the area of enterprise architecture management. There is a special focus on the methodologies and models used.

Sponsors and Partners

The study is sponsored by:

  • Siemens IT Solutions and Services

Following companies participate on the study:

  • Allianz Group IT, AXA, BMW Group, BSH Bosch Siemens Hausgeräte, Credit Suisse, Deutsche Bahn, Deutsche Börse Systems, Deutsche Post, Deutsche Telekom, FIDUCIA, HVB Information Services, Krones, Kühne+Nagel, Münchener Rück, O2 Germany, Siemens CIO, Siemens PG, Zollner Elektronik


Enterprise Architecture Management (EAM) is one of the most favored approaches for IT-Managers to align business and IT in a better way. This study analyzes current approaches, best practices and trends for EAM in detail. Hence, this study is transformed in an EAM pattern catalogue as a basis for establishing your own EAM approach.

The EAMVS 2007 is split into two parts. The first part has guideline-based interviews to EAM that determine best practices and trends from experience. The second part is an online survey that analyses used approaches, used problems and used descriptions in EAM. Also the online survey is the basis for developing the EAM pattern catalogue.


The result of the EAMVS consits of two document

  • Enterprise Architecture Management Pattern Catalogue
    This catalogue contains EAM-specific problems, methodologies that address these problems, and Viewpoints (illustration, tables, reports, etc.) that are used if applying methodologies, and specify information models that are needed for addressing problems.The problems, methodologies and viewpoints from this catalogue are determined from the interviews and the online survey.
  • Enterprise Architecture Management Report 2008 – Best Practices and Trends
    This report combines the solutions and experiences from the interviews during the EAMVS 2007 and the online survey.

After finishing the study the EAM pattern catalogue will be placed in a community to ensure improving and enhancement of the catalogue.


  • 10.07.2008 The EAM Pattern Catalog Wiki is available
  • 15.02.2008 The EAM Pattern Catalog is available.
  • 14.02.2008 Version 1.2 des Viewpoint catalog is available.
  • 16.01.2008 Version 1.1 des Viewpoint catalog is available.

Online Survey

Link to the online survey: you are interested to participate on the online-survey, please write an e-mail to: