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Reporting from the Implementation of a Business Capability Map as Business-IT Alignment Tool

Last modified Nov 12, 2018
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The new era of digitization increases the impact of IT on the overall success of organizations. Even though the business generally recognizes the importance of IT, business-IT alignment is still considered a major challenge by IT executives. A widely adapted Enterprise Architecture Management tool addressing this challenge is the business capability map. However, there are only few approaches specifying the creation of business capability maps. This paper presents a case study describing the initiation of a business capability map at a medium-sized, state-controlled organization following an approach to business capability map implementation presented by The Open Group. Based on the case study, we detail each phase of the approach presenting necessary activities and resulting artifacts. Addition- ally, lessons learned are presented with the major finding being that an involvement of the whole business leadership leads to a better business-IT alignment, a common language, and a better understanding between all business units. Furthermore, a business capability map provides a suitable tool for structuring strategy development.


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