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Paper on Informatikforschung für digitale Mobilitätsplattformen is published in Informatik-Spektrum


A joint paper of the TUM Living Lab Connected Mobility (TUM LLCM) research project is published in Informatik-Spektrum which can be accessed here.


The TUM Living Lab Connected Mobility (TUM LLCM) research project was initiated to support the digital transformation in the area of Smart Mobility and Smart City. The project bundles the relevant research, implementation, and innovation capabilities of the Technical University of Munich in informatics and transport research. The research project contributes to the design and implementation of open, provider-independent digital mobility platforms. The actual implementation of these platforms is carried out by commercial providers taking into account the market requirements of customer-oriented mobility solutions. This paper uses the example of the TUM LLCM project to illustrate, how the Technical University of Munich combines competences of several research fields in informatics by means of innovative use cases to achieve timely results relevant for society in close collaboration with stakeholders outside of research.