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Interactive Management of Attributes with Types, Formats, and...

Last modified Jun 10, 2015


The amount of data stored and transferred every day is rising and with it the quantity of unstructured data. This data is difficult to evaluate and use. Therefore a Hybrid Wiki system allows the user to specify attributes as key-value pairs describing the content of the wiki page and making it possible to query for similar or equal attributes. The value of an attribute can be typed to allow better comparison between attributes and to apply different formats, graphical representations and constraints.
In this thesis a list of types is collected by researching the literature and online resources. The list contains the name, formats, graphical representations, possible values and constraints for each type. Then software products, for example Microsoft's Excel spreadsheet software, the SAP ERP software suite and open source software such as OpenOffice and SugarCRM are examined for their use of typing, formats and representations. Using this information a technical solution is designed covering the examined aspects of types and finally implement the solution as part of the Tricia Enterprise 2.0 tool. The objective of the work is to find a mechnism that allows the Hybrid Wiki user to display the values of an attribute in a format compliant with his or her locale, to define constraints for attribute values and to have a unified representation of all attributes with the same type.

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