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Ma12 - EAM KPI Catalog v1.0

Last modified Apr 21, 2013


As a management discipline EA management aims to align business and IT, foster communication, and support the continues transformation of the organization. Thereby, EA management initiatives are driven by respective EA management goals originating from both – the business and IT strategy. However, the degree of achievement of these goals must be measurable. Therefore, corresponding key performance indicators (KPI)s have to be defined. These indicators enable enterprise architects to plan,  forecast, benchmark, and assess the EA management goal fulfillment. Furthermore, they provide a quantifiable rational for adopting and comprehensive means for  controlling. As literature and our practitioners confirm, there are only a few KPIs dedicated to the management of enterprise architectures. Moreover, existing indicators are differently structured, selective regarding the specific EA management goals, too general and vague with regards to the required data, and do not provide any adoption techniques for the enterprise context. First, this catalog provides a list of common EA management goals as identified by means of a structured literature review. To measure the goals’  fulfillment, the document offers 52 KPIs we discovered and applied in industry projects or detected during our literature study. Thereby, each KPI is described by a structured template we evaluated during interviews with 9 industry experts. Not only this common template ensures consistency among the documented KPIs, it further provides guidance during their introduction and organization-specific adaptation. This catalog targets at practitioners and academic audience since it contains practice proven KPIs and points towards future research topics coping with the measurement of EA management goals. As this document represents work in progress, readers are invited to share their opinion and contribute to the enhancement by adding further KPIs.

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