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Microsoft Tech Talk @ TU München

Big Brains, Big Data, and Design to Test Cloud Services at Scale

Unit and functional tests alone aren’t enough to test large cloud services at scale. Cloud
services not only need monitoring, but they also need continual testing. Chris Mitchell, a Principal
Development Engineer with Microsoft, will explore use of big data and deep technical
understanding to verify a cloud service is working on each and every request. This big data
puzzle is filled with lots of ambiguity, very messy and heterogeneous data, and a dynamic and
changing datacenter and codebase. Obstacles include how to gather all the data we need to
make product decisions, respect privacy, and not drown in useless data.

Hier registrieren:
Datum: Donnerstag, 7. November 2013
Beginn: 18:00 (mit anschließendem Networking)
Ort: MI HS 3, Fakultät der Mathematik/Informatik
TUM – Garching Research Area,
Boltzmannstrasse 3, Garching


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