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Business and IT transformation in the automotive industry

Last modified Oct 6


As one of the major pillars of the economy, the German automotive industry has a long tradition characterized by constant changes. Thereby, these changes do not only stem from altering market conditions or far-reaching business decisions but also from technological progress and a continuously adjusting legal environment. 

Enterprise architecture (EA) management can be leveraged to cope with these ongoing changes by taking up a holistic stance. In particular, this project addresses subsequent topics

  • Identification and visualization of complexity factors of an application landscape
  • Metrics and key performance indicators for EA management
  • Support of a cross-brand standardization initiative for IT components
  • Development of enterprise-wide access views for business objects spread across multiple IT-systems
  • Prototypic design and implementation of EA viewpoints to foster decision support
  • Active participation in a business product migration project

Publications (in reverse chronological order)

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Student theses (in reverse chronological order)

  • Heindl, C. (2010). Identifikation, Quantifizierung und Visualisierung von Komplexitätsmerkmalen einer Unternehmensarchitektur. Technische Universität München.