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Article on classification of Enterprise 2.0 application accepted at...

The article Enterprise 2.0 - Eine Typologisierung has been accepted for publication and presentation at the Workshop Enterprise 2.0 - Web 2.0 im Unternehmen(Mensch und Computer 2009). This article is a joint effort of authors from the Institut für Information, Organisation und Management (LMU München) and sebis. In the article, the author team (C.Neubert, Michael A. Stecher, Stefan Taing) presents different methods for the classification and evaluation of Enterprise 2.0 application.

Talk of Prof. Matthes - Funktionale Analyse von Enterprise 2.0-Plattformen

Prof. Matthes gives a talk enterprise 2.0 platforms at the IT-Stammtisch München. The event takes place at Jagdschloss Hotel, Alte Alle 21 in Munich. The talk will provide an overview on commercial and open-source enterprise web collaboration platforms (Quickr, Sharepoint, Confluence, Jive, Alfresco) and sketch the results from a technical analysis.