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Second Workshop on BEAMS at the EAMKON2011 in Stuttgart

Yesterday Sabine Buckl and Christian M. Schweda hold the second Building Blocks for Enterprise Architecture Management Solutions (BEAMS)-Workshop at the EAMKON 2011 in Stuttgart.

The slides presented at the Workshop can be found here..

Article on the application of web analytics tools in the context of...

In the paper titled "Applying Web Analytics Tools in the Context of Enterprise Social Software", the author team (Alexander Schneider and Alexander Steinhoff) explore how the mature tools that have been developed primarily for public commercial web sites can be used to support the different stakeholders of social software systems in enterprises. It is particularly examined how the fulltext search capabilites of such platforms can be improved using web analytics data. The paper will be presented at the 12th European Conference on Knowledge Management (ECKM 2011).

Article on an an agile design of the enterprise architecture management...

In the paper titled "Towards an agile design of the enterprise architecture management function" the author team (Sabine Buckl, Florian Matthes, Ivan Monahov, Sascha Roth, Christopher Schulz, and Christian M. Schweda) explore to which extent agile methods can be applied to EA management, derive challenges for an agile EA management approach, and revisit current approaches regarding their agility. Finally, the paper outlines how agile EA management can be implemented based on the method of Scrum.